President Dave Curci
Vice President Ed Gundrum
Secretary Pro Tem Dave Curci
Treasurer Leona Lunt
Director Linda Zych
Director Teresa Throneberry
Director Tomasa Borroel

A Dream that became a Reality

Two people once had a dream. One was a young, talented charismatic dance instructor who had a vision of a local area Country Western Club; the other was a lady filled with persistence and vitality who shared that same vision. Together they forged the beginning of what was to become the Country Lovers Western Dance Club. That instructor is Rick Henderson and that lady is Patty Cantarini.

In 1989, there were not a lot of places in Ventura County to Country Western dance. It soon became apparent that it was the same group of people regularly showing up at these same few places.

Rick, who was to become the founding President of Country Lovers, signed up the first 42 members one night at Maxie's in Oak View, where he was the featured dance instructor. The group started doing fun things together, coordinated by a phone tree that was to become the Country Lover HOTLINE.

The first meeting was at Patty's house on New Year's Day 1990. That day they came up with the club name, logo, and colors. Rita Raddatz's son-in-law, Rick Guilden did the artwork for the logo. The club colors of turquoise, black and silver were also chosen that day. The goal was then, and continues today, that Country Lovers would get together often for fun, friendship and cooperation to encourage, promote and enjoy Country Western dancing and music.